Spotting the Weakest Player at the Situs Poker Online Table

The reason that you want to be able to spot the weakest player at the Situs poker online table is because that will be the source of most of your winnings when playing. These players are not only going to make the most mistakes, there will be a new stream of hem coming in week after week as thousands become gambling age and want to gamble online.

Here are a few of the ways to spot the weakest player at the online poker tables.

The weak player is going to start betting in patterns. They are very comfortable playing from home, and they love the fact that there is no one bullying them or pushing them around. Keep an eye out for these patterns and strike when you are in position. 

Just turn on the chat feature at the online poker table and you will see weak players doing all the talking while the better players take notes. The weak player is going to talk about getting bullied off pots, they talk about poor starting hands, and they talk about all the bad beats they have had today alone.

The weaker players are going to flash their hole cards any chance they can get. They will flash their hole cards after they think they made a great bluff, and they will flash their hole cards when they are folding a big hand but they want the rest of the table to know that they did have a monster hand too.

Now that you know how to spot the weakest player at the situs poker online table, you have to be dedicated to crushing them when you get a chance. These weak players will learn in time just like the rest of us who were all new to the game at one point.